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A commercial LED lighting company.

The Kokomo, Indiana area is home to plenty of historical buildings. And because the city is constantly growing, we have a wide range of new construction too!

Whether you’re managing an older property or you’re leading the development for a new site, using LED lights is always a win. You get energy savings right out of the gate, as well as custom lighting solutions for any type of building—with both interior and outdoor applications.

Commercial and Industrial LED Lights

Kokomo has long been recognized as the “city of firsts” that’s led the way for new engineering developments. The automobile industry is a staple of the Kokomo community, and these types of manufacturing sites can obviously run up some significant energy costs. Fortunately, LED lights can help large buildings and warehouse spaces lower those electrical bills.

The high efficiency ratings with industrial LED lighting solutions mean property owners can recoup their investment in just a few years.

Moreover, bright LED lights create safer work environments. Add that to the energy savings, and they might be the best upgrade you can ever make for your facility!

LED Indy is proud to work on projects for commercial LEDs all throughout the city of Kokomo. We handle everything from your lighting design, to the actual installation of your LED lights. All of our company offerings related to LEDs, so we know these products inside and out. Plus, we’re passionate about giving our clients the best benefits with their new lighting systems.

Kokomo LED Lighting Solutions in the Community

Switching to LEDs for retail locations is a great way to make your products stand out. There’s also the bonus of keeping your storefront bright and inviting for your customers year-round and around-the-clock.

Multi-family properties upgrade to LED lights for the same reason. Exteriors that are bright help give tenants peace of mind. They make a big difference for any building’s curb appeal.

One of the most popular applications for LEDs, though, is to install them in school buildings. It’s well known that good lighting helps improve mental focus, productivity, and even our moods. With today’s LED options, you can even customize the lighting for each of your classrooms. 

School systems of all sizes can benefit from new, energy-efficient LEDs.

What’s more, going with LED lights helps you save money both indoors and outside. Keeping your parking lots and athletic fields lit at night can be incredibly expensive. (Not to mention challenging if you’re constantly replacing inefficient bulbs.)

You can even use LEDs to keep your facility safer and cleaner with a new disinfection system.

These solutions have proven to be some of the most exciting for the LED industry. Instead of spending time cleaning all of the chairs and disinfecting other surfaces, a smart and eco-friendly UV Disinfection System can do the work automatically. Then you don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals or waste hours on custodial work. UV cleaning systems are great solutions for schools, healthcare facilities, and even municipal buildings all throughout Kokomo.

We’re Here to Help with Your Kokomo LED Lights!

If you’re ready to harness the power of energy-efficient LED lights in Kokomo, let our team guide you down the right path. Not all LEDs are created equal. That’s why we’ve done our research to find the best LED manufacturers, with the best warranties.

Along the way, our team at LED Indy will also help you navigate the LED rebate process. You’ll get immediate savings on your energy bills once your new lighting system is installed. Then you increase those benefits even more with a seamless rebate process. We’re all about the savings. 

Please send us a message to schedule your onsite consultation. Then we can run your FREE Energy Savings Report to discover the potential for protecting your operations budget!


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