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Reduce your operating expenses and increase your CAP rate with an upgrade to LED. In 2019 one of our multi-family clients was able to add $60,000 to the price tag on a property the sold due to the operating savings that our LED project brought to the property. This more than covered the cost of the new LEDs.

Maintenance – Save Thousands on lighting maintenance. We partnered with one of our best multi-family clients to dive into how much was being spent to maintain non-led lighting per year. We found that the average yearly expense for labor and bulb replacement was over $25 per unit. Think how much more your community managers and maintenance crews could get done if they weren’t constantly fielding messages from tenants about lights being out. With more time to be proactive,  tenant satisfaction is likely to increase.  Another advantage is that you’ll no longer need to keep thousands of dollars in bulb inventory.

Consistency/Brand – Consistency is lighting will elevate the overall aesthetics of  your property.  Wouldn’t it be easy for your designers, community managers, and maintenance crews, if the same sconce, porch light, bath bar, or common area light was the same across your portfolio?

Common Area Lighting – One of the biggest variables in determining how much LED lighting can save you is the number of hours the lights are used per year. Interior common areas are on 24/7, and exterior lights are used for over 4,000 per year. In both cases, converting to LED will allow you to keep a lot of the money that you’ll otherwise send to the electric company each month.

Want to install yourself? No problem, but let us check out the property first because we may be able to help you apply for a custom rebate through your energy provider. We want you to save as much money as possible?

Aerial Before & After Pictures – Changing the lighting has a huge effect on the overall appearance of multi-family properties, just look at the before and after examples! We’re happy to offer drone shots at no additional cost for your team to use online or in any marketing materials.

Custom Fixtures – Because of our strong partnership with IKIO, our manufacturer, we can help you create any fixture that you can think of. Standardizing on a particular type of light can help save money, and make future replacements easy. We can tweak current products or start from scratch to help you create YOUR look.

Multi-Family Case Studies

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We install interior and exterior LED lighting in industrial facilities of all sizes

While our focus is serving the state of Indiana and its contiguous states, we have also worked to find LED solutions for buildings located as far away as Arizona.