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Elevate your multi-family property with our tailored LED lighting solutions and EV charging options that bring tenant satisfaction and curb appeal to new heights. Our LEDs do more than save energy – they foster lease renewals and shine both indoors and out. Outside, LED upgrades heighten security and discourage vandalism, while our free Energy Savings Report lays out the compelling financial advantages.

Boost your CAP rate just like our 2019 client, who added $60,000 to their property’s value through operational savings and increased allure. Trim maintenance expenses too, as our LEDs cut the average annual labor and bulb replacement cost by over $25 per unit. But that’s not all – our expertise extends beyond lighting. Dive into our EV page to explore the modern convenience of EV chargers, a perfect addition for today’s multi-family lifestyle.

Step into a brighter future with our lighting experts. To discover more about our comprehensive services, including EV solutions, head over to our dedicated EV page.

Brightening Your Living Space

Energy Efficiency

Fully converting to LED drastically reduces your energy expenses and operating costs. Working with our experts to incorporate lighting controls that reduce the number of hours your lights are on can take your savings to the next level!

Improved Safety & Security

LED lighting provides brighter and more consistent illumination, which can help prevent accidents and deter crime so your tenants feel safe both day and night.

Eliminate Lighting Maintenance

LED lights can last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Customizable Design

LED lighting can be customized to match the style and aesthetic of any multi-family property, helping to enhance its overall appearance.

Lighting Packages for New Development

We can help save you money on an optimized lighting package for your new developments. For even more savings and customization ask us about our "Custom Fixture Program"!

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From retrofitting existing buildings to lighting design for new construction, LED Lighting is our specialty.

EV Charging Stations

Need an electrical vehicle charging system for your home or business? We can help.

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After reviewing your current utility rates, we’ll compare those expenses to your options with LED lighting. We have access to all of the top interior and exterior LED fixtures in the industry, which means you can increase your site’s energy efficiency day in and day out.
Absolutely! Our certified LED installers are the best in the business because our entire focus is on custom LED lighting solutions. We know these products inside and out.

We follow-up and follow-through. Our team manages the LED rebate application process on your behalf, so you won’t miss out on any savings. Plus, our warranties help ensure you have a great experience with us even long after your installation is complete. We’re always just a phone call or email away.

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