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Once your interior lighting solutions are in check, it’s time to review your options outside. Ensuring that your site has good exterior lighting during the early morning and evening hours helps keep everyone safe. Many schools view their exterior lighting as a beautification project. And with LED lighting, those facility upgrades are more affordable than ever.

Classroom lighting can play a big role in helping students learn—and feel better throughout the day. Good light quality works to limit distractions, reduce headaches, and even improve attendance and sick leave for staff and students. Studies have also shown that certain colors of LED lights will increase reading retention.

In addition to various LED controls and sensors, we make it a point to offer lighting options that are appropriate for kids with special needs. That way, it’s easy to manage different settings for every room in the building.

We have found that our customers in the education are looking for these things:

1) Custom Options for Every Classroom – Indy LED Check
2) Real Warranties and Rebate Guidance – Indy LED Check
3) Affordable Interior / Exterior LED Solutions – Indy LED Check
4) More Cost-Effective for Athletic Sites – Indy LED Check
5) Promote Safety—While Going Green – Indy LED Check

Parkview Classroom LED Lights

Athletic LED Lighting for School Systems

Improving the quality of lighting for your indoor courts and outdoor fields for play can help your school system be the shining example in any athletic conference. The recommended light levels are designed to support players’ focus and performance. Meet those benchmarks, and you’ll have a venue where everyone loves to play. LED lighting is the all-around better option.

When you run the numbers and really start to analyze your utility expenses, it’s easy to see that the amount of time your lights need to run for after-school athletics really adds up. The lights in the gym stay on long after the school day is done. With regular team practices and games that go well into the evening, switching to energy-efficient lighting can be a great way to save.

This is especially true for your outdoor venues. Spectators and athletes don’t want to head out to a dimly-lit field. Using powerful LED lighting for your football stadium, lacrosse and soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, the track and cross-county course, your grounds in general, the parking lots, and more—all of that adds up! We handle all types of exterior lighting projects for school systems and other athletic venues. Let’s discover how much you can save with a more streamlined solution.

Save Money and Improve Your Energy-Efficiency

Designing the right type of LED lighting solutions for your school system or university can be a big investment, but we’ll review every available rebate with you to ensure we’re being good stewards of your budget. Whether you have a single building or a number of facilities on your campus or throughout your school district or campus, our team at LED Indy will help you get the best products at the best price.

From lighting your hallways and classrooms to installing LED systems for gymnasiums, aquatic centers, stadium lighting, and other exterior solutions—we’re here to help.

Let’s streamline your electrical costs and help you take a meaningful step for building a “greener” community. We’ve even partnered with Lighting Resources, another local Indianapolis company, so we can take responsibility for your old fluorescent lights and get them properly recycled.

And if you want to take your green initiatives to the next level, our team is always happy to talk about energy usage, proper recycling, and other ways to limit carbon footprints during a classroom visit. We always welcome the opportunity to engage with students and enjoy teaching them about the changes happening throughout their school. That way, everyone can feel like they can be part of the process for a creating more efficient building.

We’ve helped all of these school systems, and more!

Vigo County School Corporation

Bloomfield School District

Legacy Christian School

Linton-Stockton School Corporation

MSD of Shakamak

Parkview Cooperative Preschool

Dugger Union Community School Corporation

Blue River Adult Education

The Project School

Springville Christian School

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Mooresville Christian Academy

Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation

Washington Catholic

New LED Disinfectant Solutions

The money spent on school cleaning supplies is rarely cost-effective. For a better long-term solution, we can help you move toward a contactless disinfection process. Using high-powered LED lights lets you disinfect rooms and surfaces in an safer and more eco-friendly way. These systems are great for busy classroom settings, universities, and other high-traffic facilities.

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Our team installs LED lighting throughout Indiana and the surrounding states. We can even design certain LED projects remotely. Ready to take the next step?

We install interior and exterior LED lighting in schools, universities and other educational locations of all sizes

While our focus is serving the state of Indiana and its contiguous states, we have also worked to find LED solutions for buildings located as far away as Arizona.