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Whether you have one school building or a number of facilities throughout your district or township, LED Indy will help you get the best products at the best price, depending on the needs of YOUR staff and students. The lighting in a classroom plays a larger role than most would think. Did you know that certain colors of LED light have proven to increase reading retention in schools. The improved room quality limits distractions, reduces headaches and other physical impacts of poor lighting for both teachers and students, and actually improves attendance and sick leave for staff and students.

We have found that our customers in the education are looking for these things:
1) Experience with schools – Indy LED Check
2) Good products/fair pricing – Indy LED Check
3) Real warranties that they can count on – Indy LED Check
4) Smooth Process – Indy LED Check

Recycling Fluorescent Tubes

One of the rules that we live by at LED Indy is that the right thing to do, is to do the right thing, all the time. We’ve partnered with a local company called Lighting Resources to ensure that when LED takes responsibility for your old fluorescent lights, they are properly recycled. We also welcome the opportunity to engage with your students to teach them about energy usage, proper recycling, and other ways to limit their carbon footprint. We want your students to understand the changes to their building, why they’re happening, and feel like they are part of the process.

Projects that we have done for schools include: classroom & hallway upgrades, gymnasiums, aquatic centers, exterior lighting, and we are now proud to offer stadium lighting solutions.

Our Educational Projects

Vigo County School Corporation

Bloomfield School District

Legacy Christian School

Linton-Stockton School Corporation

MSD of Shakamak

Parkview Cooperative Preschool

Dugger Union Community School Corporation

Blue River Adult Education

The Project School

Springville Christian School

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Mooresville Christian Academy

Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation

Washington Catholic

We install interior and exterior LED lighting in schools, universities and other educational locations of all sizes

While our focus is serving the state of Indiana and its contiguous states, we have also worked to find LED solutions for buildings located as far away as Arizona.