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Clean “Green” with the Power of UV Light!

With the Axenic-UV product line, you can finally have simple solutions for your site’s cleaning and disinfection needs. Ready to cut the costs for expensive chemical cleaning supplies? Make the switch to contactless systems!

Skip the harsh chemicals, and unlock the extraordinary potential of UVC-based systems. These groundbreaking innovations use ultraviolet and LED technology to destroy germs and keep your environment safe.

Indy LED Check – UVC Solutions kill 99.9% of germs
Indy LED Check – Contactless Disinfection Systems to keep staff safe
Indy LED Check – Thermal Detection Solutions check for elevated temperatures

With the right UVC disinfection and thermal detection solutions, your team and cleaning staff can limit their exposure to harmful contagions. Plus, you can help everyone feel better about keeping our communities safe and healthy.


Hover Antiseptic & Antiviral UVC Light

Hover – Quality of indoor air is more important than ever. Our technology drives infection control and improved air quality. Hover installed in your environment brings air quality to 99.99% disinfection in 20 minutes. Easy installation in ceilings drives an exciting improvement in safety, and delivery of clean air directly where people congregate. That’s where the risk is. Our innovative proven technology attacks any aerosolized pathogen – viruses, bacteria and pollutants, and converts them into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. (SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), and other viral and bacterial elimination. Odor, mold, chemical and VOC reduction.)



Stalwart Pro – The Stalwart Pro UV disinfection system is a lightweight mobile solution that delivers UV-C light to kill pathogens in any space – healthcare, office, athletics, education, correctional, vans, ambulances, transportation, etc. Powerful UVC rays deliver potent viral and bacterial disinfection. Stalwart’s motion sensors detect and protect humans in the vicinity. Simple settings let any staff push one button for timed disinfection, allowing them to address other tasks, then move the Stalwart to the next area. LED technology – No ongoing maintenance or bulb replacement is necessary. It even folds into its own case for easy protected transport and storage.


SPIRTZ BOT for Air Purification

The Spirtz Bot Atomizing Disinfection Robot works to purify the air through disinfectant spraying that can be set on an automatic schedule or controlled manually through an app. This contactless approach to disinfection makes it simple to start cleaning at a moment’s notice in schools and universities, office spaces, hospitals, hotels, and other high-traffic areas.


SANI BOT for UVC and Atomizer Spray

The Sani Bot UVC and Atomizer Spray Disinfection Robot combines an ultrasonic disinfectant sprayer with short-wave UVC lights to sterilize surfaces, as well as the air. This unit comes with an intelligent navigation system and self-charges for a completely contactless sanitation process that’s great for schools and universities, office spaces, hospitals, hotels, and other high-traffic areas.

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