Illuminate Learning Spaces with Our Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Light up your students’ success with the brightest LED lighting solutions.

What We Offer

LED lights are available in a range of color temperatures, allowing you to create the perfect feel for your classrooms. Our team of licensed electrical contractors will work with you to design a lighting solution that provides exactly what you need.

Services We Offer


Our licensed electrical contractors can help you with whatever electrical work you need.


From retrofitting existing buildings to lighting design for new construction, LED Lighting is our specialty.

EV Charging Stations

Need an electrical vehicle charging system for your home or business? We can help.

Sports Lighting

Whether you have poles in place and need help upgrading your lighting system to LED or you’re building a new facility and need the whole shebang, we’ve got you covered. With design and support from the nation’s leading sports light manufacturers, you can buy with confidence. As a Sourcewell member you can also take advantage of your pre-negotiated pricing and maximize your buying power while avoiding the costly and length bid process.

Why Choose LEDs

Improved learning environment

LED lighting provides a bright, comfortable, and consistent light, which can help students focus better and improve their mood and productivity.

Energy efficiency

LED lighting consumes less energy and lasts longer than traditional lighting, resulting in lower energy bills and maintenance costs.

Better visibility and safety

LED lighting provides clear, bright illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and improving safety in classrooms, hallways, and outdoor areas.

Environmentally friendly

LED lighting is free of toxic materials and is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice for schools.

Flexible Lighting designs

LED lighting allows for customizable lighting designs, which can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of different areas of the school, such as classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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After reviewing your current utility rates, we’ll compare those expenses to your options with LED lighting. We have access to all of the top interior and exterior LED fixtures in the industry, which means you can increase your site’s energy efficiency day in and day out.
Absolutely! Our certified LED installers are the best in the business because our entire focus is on custom LED lighting solutions. We know these products inside and out.

We follow-up and follow-through. Our team manages the LED rebate application process on your behalf, so you won’t miss out on any savings. Plus, our warranties help ensure you have a great experience with us even long after your installation is complete. We’re always just a phone call or email away.

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Improve Student Performance with LED Lights

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