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Whether you are looking for a replacement for older HID lighting fixtures or you have T5 fluorescent high bays, switching to LED high bays will you save you thousands, improve the lighting levels, and make your facility safer. We offer service nationwide have a great deal of experience working in manufacturing facilities with large machines throughout and warehouses with rows and row of racking. If changing the position of your current lights would help improve the space or save money, our design team can create new lighting layouts and photometric reports.

Increased Efficiency – LED efficiency is measured in lumens/watt and most construction grade LED high bays come with 5 year warranties and are in the 130 lm/watt range. We have those. We also have premium LED high bays that have a 10 year warranty and are over 140 lm/w. For customers that have long burn hours we even have High Efficiency LED high bays that get 200 lm/w!

Want to try DIY? If you’re looking to tackle a lighting project largely on your own, we can be a great teammate. Most of the time our DIY customers are trying to save money and we can help with that. Getting just a little bit of help from LED Indy will help make the project cost effective and ensure that the end result is what you’d imagined. Without a slight assist from a lighting expert we have seen other companies pay too much, buy the wrong lights, not get rebates, and buy low quality products fail early and don’t stand behind their stated warranties.

Industrial Case Studies

Improving Lighting In Indianapolis Manufacturing And Warehouse Space

The LED upgrades earned the company over $25,000 in rebates from IPL Mahomed Sales and Warehousing, LLC (MSW) is an...

We install interior and exterior LED lighting in industrial facilities of all sizes

While our focus is serving the state of Indiana and its contiguous states, we have also worked to find LED solutions for buildings located as far away as Arizona.