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Switching to energy-efficient lighting is often the easiest way to save money on your operational costs. And when it comes to facility improvements, upgrading your lighting is often the lowest hanging fruit. This is the kind of upgrade that offers continuous savings year after year on your energy expenses. That’s why it’s truly efficient. LED lighting solutions work to protect your bottom line and improve safety—on every corner of your site.

Indy LED Check – More Cost-Effective
Indy LED Check – Better Efficiency
Indy LED Check – Safer Facilities

Whether you want to take the next step for a “greener” facility or you want to streamline your electrical costs, LED lighting helps reduce your energy bills both indoors and outside. The right lighting levels help keep sites compliant with the OSHA standards, and custom sensors for your LED lighting can help give your operations a more streamlined process.


Our installers only install LED lights. We’re not like a typical electrical contractor. With our OSHA-certified lighting project managers, you can feel good knowing that we’re completing detailed checklists both before and after your project install is complete.


We know how to run the numbers. We work in a niche market, so we’re here to ensure that you’re on-track to get a great return on your investment. Many of our industrial clients see their ROI in just 2 or 3 years. Plus, all of our solutions come with either a 5- or 10-year full replacement warranty. That includes both construction-grade LED high bays, as well as premium LED high bays.

Want to try DIY? If you’re looking to tackle a lighting project largely on your own, we can be a great teammate. Most of the time our DIY customers are trying to save money and we can help with that. Getting just a little bit of help from LED Indy will help make the project cost effective and ensure that the end result is what you’d imagined. Without a slight assist from a lighting expert we have seen other companies pay too much, buy the wrong lights, not get rebates, and buy low quality products fail early and don’t stand behind their stated warranties.

You’ll get a truly custom setup. We help you get the right type of solution for your site. Nothing more and nothing less. Just changing the position of your current lights alone can help improve your space and save money. That’s where our design team comes into play. We use photometric reports to analyze every option. We can even install customer sensors for warehouses with rows and rows of. And for sites that have long burn hours? We have extra-efficient LED high bays that get 200 lumens/watt to really keep things efficient and bright.

LED Supply Partnerships

Whether you’re ready to replace your older HID lighting fixtures or you have T5 fluorescent high bays, making the switch to LED high bays can save you thousands—all while improving the light levels and making your facility safer.

We can even be a great partner if you’re looking to tackle a new LED lighting project largely on your own. Our DIY customers want to save money and come to us for that cost-effective solution. Don’t over-pay or buy the wrong lights. Or miss out on your LED rebates. We can point you in the right direction for quality products.

Industrial LED Lighting: Case Studies

LED Savings for Indianapolis Manufacturing and Warehouse Space

This company earned over $25,000 in rebates for their LED upgrades. We always work to get our clients the best deal.

We help clients nationwide. Let’s improve your site!

Our team installs LED lighting throughout Indiana and the surrounding states. We can even design certain LED projects remotely. Ready to take the next step?