About LED Indy

A commercial LED lighting company.

Who We Are

A commercial LED lighting company that takes on lighting and energy efficiency projects to upgrade existing lighting systems, and provides new LED troffers and other specified fixtures for new construction. Each day we set out to increase our recognition statewide for fulfilling the lighting and energy savings needs of the communities and industries we serve. The result of our work is that properties are safer, more attractive, and more efficient. Projects done with LED Indy each year have the environmental impact of taking over 1,000 cars off the road.
We take care of the details. Let us make your switch to new LED fixtures as smooth and effortless as possible – as well as make sure you take advantage of all possible lighting rebates from your energy providers. LED Indy is a registered trade ally of the Duke Energy $mart Saver Program, the IPL Business Energy Incentive Program, the REMC Power Moves Commercial & Industrial Program, and the NIPSCO Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program, among others.

Meet The Team

A locally-owned business, LED Indy is the company you want in your corner when planning your next lighting project.

Trace Clifford, Founder

Trace graduated from DePauw University in 1983 with a BA in Business Communications that flourished into a 16-year career in financial services with both Smith Barney and Raymond James. Always somewhat entrepreneurial, Trace began researching the LED Lighting industry back in 2009 and recognized there would soon be a future in providing cost-saving solutions for companies all over the US and internationally. In March of 2016, Trace officially started LED Indy. Trace loves spending time with his three grown kids and attends Traders Point Christian Church.

John Melind, President

John is a lifelong Indianapolis resident who began his career in Sales Management at Angie’s List before joining forces with Trace to grow LED Indy into the industry leader for lighting and energy efficiency. He does a little bit of everything for the company from overseeing operations to coordinating marketing efforts and leading the sales team. He is key in building relationships with priority accounts and trusted partners.  He is married with three young kids, and loves to play and compete in a wide variety of games and sports in his free time. He’s also an ordained wedding officiant and an Elder in his church, making a little use of that Religion major from Wabash College. 

Chris Papachronis

Paul Crosby

Casey Crist

Scott Fensternmaker

Joe Dayan

Jackson Clifford

Going Green Never Looked Better!

LED INDY customers routinely see a full return on their investment within the first few years, but are backed with a 10 year warranty on their new lighting system. Being powered by IKIO allows us to deliver high quality products that are, in most cases, both more efficient and longer lasting than competing brands.

A locally-owned business, LED Indy is the company you want in your corner when planning your next lighting project. Moving from fluorescent to LED lighting will be an inevitable change for building owners and businesses. We have a knowledgeable staff and a leadership dedicated to creating happy outcomes for our customers. We work hard to be able to provide the best technology available; engaging in conversations with our manufacturer to improve and create new products; and building strong relationships with energy company representatives to best utilize their rebate programs to the advantage of our customers.