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Energy-efficient solutions don’t only protect your operational budget. They also give you the opportunity to promote your building as “green.” And when you go with eco-friendly LED commercial lighting, you can even save time on your maintenance needs. When you’re in charge of managing facility operations in Indianapolis, LED lights can make the job so much easier. You’ll get all kinds of benefits!

Why LED Lighting?

If you still haven’t made the switch to LED lighting, then you’re probably wasting hours and hours swapping out bulbs. There’s also the damage to your organization’s bottom-line. To really lower your utility costs, you’ll want to think about LED lights first. The upgrade usually delivers the fastest ROI compared to other facility projects. In fact, a lot of sites can recoup the upfront costs in just a couple of years, if not less.

Indianapolis LED Lighting Solutions

We’re meeting property managers, business owners, and even school system admins all over the city who are getting more serious about LED lighting solutions. It’s not that the Indianapolis energy grid is stressed. It’s more about the instant cost savings that LED lights can bring. Our team at LED Indy works with all types of organizations around the greater Indianapolis area. Saving money is easy once we figure out the right lighting design. Every site is different, and we know how to help you get the best lighting solutions for your budget.

LED Industrial Lighting

Some of the top candidates for LED lighting upgrades are warehouses and other industrial sites with massive areas that need to stay lit. Replacing your old bulbs with construction-grade LED high bays or other custom LED lighting solutions can be a big game changer for most Indianapolis companies. It helps improve safety right away, plus, you also get the long-term energy savings.

Commercial LED Lights

Commercial LED lights are also great for retailers, car dealerships, and even grocery stores that want to showcase their products with better lighting, whether indoors or outside. We’re proud to design and install LED lighting solutions for Indianapolis companies of all sizes. You want to send the right message to your customers, clients, and community with a brightly-lit entrance.

Multi-family sites turn to LED lights too. The systems help build their brand and keep their buildings looking professional and their parking lots staying safe. Improving your lighting around the buildings and inside each apartment unit can go a long way for reducing your property’s vacancies.

LED Lighting for Schools

When you have outdated lights, making sure your parking lots and athletic fields are bright in the evenings and early morning hours isn’t cheap. What’s worse, changing out those bulbs is usually a major hassle. We especially like working with school systems in the greater Indianapolis area because they have so much potential to cut their costs. Our free energy analysis makes it easy to calculate your estimated savings.

About Your Free Energy Analysis

Running the numbers is key when you’re thinking about facility upgrades because it gives you the insight you need to figure out your next steps. Fortunately, the vast majority of LED lighting projects make a lot of financial sense. All we need to do is review your typical energy expenses. Then we can compare those costs with what a new batch of commercial LED lights could do.

Good lighting improves the overall mood of any space. It helps boost productivity, can lower stress, and is also proven to help students focus in the classroom. But there’s no one-size solution. Some sites can benefit from using LED lights as a “beautification” upgrade too. Keeping on top of your landscaping doesn’t matter so much if no one can really see it and appreciate the effort.

At LED Indy, we’re passionate about designing new lighting layouts, as well as managing the install. Because we take your project from start to finish, you can feel good knowing that no detail is going to get overlooked.

We’re also happy to guide our clients through the LED lighting rebate process. We want to help you save as much money as possible with your upgrade. And we want it to make sense on a day-to-day level too. It all starts with your free energy analysis. Please contact us so we can get you the information you need. Then we can explore your cost-saving options!

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