Office / Retail Solutions

Commercial LED Lighting

Office / Retail Solutions

Quality lighting helps modernize any workplace. Office environments quickly become more vibrant with the right light levels, which can greatly improve your employee satisfaction and productivity. And in retail settings, good lighting is crucial for showcasing your products. If you’re ready to go green for your commercial site—and start saving on your energy costs—our team at LED Indy is ready to help!
Making the switch to LED has a great return on investment for both interior and exterior lighting setups. For outdoor projects, we’ll even take drone photographs of the final results so you have updated images for your marketing. Effective branding is key for any business, and LED lighting can help your site really shine.

We truly believe that we offer the best value in the industry. Our LED solutions are typically a higher quality than companies we compete against, but they come in at the same price or even less expensive. Our professional labor rates also tend to be lower. We always strive to do right by our clients.

Planning for a new space or renovation? Working with LED Indy can help you get the right layout for any area. The best lighting solution shouldn’t only be well-lit. Your project also needs to be cost-effective. Installing the right types of lights in the right places will help you save as much money as possible. Many times, there are even rebates available for energy-efficient renovations and new construction projects. Our team works to make sure those don’t get overlooked, so you get the maximum rebate for your site’s eligibility.

Support for DIY Lighting

We’re also a great teammate for clients who want to manage LED upgrades in a DIY-style. Let’s save you the most money on high-quality products. Getting a little bit of help from LED Indy can help ensure the end result is both cost-effective and just what you’d imagined.

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