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If you have office or retail space and are looking for help with lighting, you want to find someone who has good product quality, is a good value, and an installation crew that will work quickly and leave your space cleaner than they found it. Our OSHA certified Project Managers complete a detailed checklist before and after the project to ensure that we’ve gotten everything right and that the only thing we left behind are new lights. Our office/showroom in Park 100 on the Northwest side of Indianapolis has a variety of fixture types installed if you want to “shop” to find the lights that are best for your space. For exterior projects we often take before and after photos using our drone, and can send them to you at no extra charge if you’d like to use them to marketing, or share with ownership/investors.

Pricing – Our solutions are typically higher quality that what we complete against, but are the same price or even less expensive, and our labor rates tend to be lower than most competitors as well. We truly believe that we offer the best value in the industry.

Are you planning for new space or a renovation? LED Indy can help create a new lighting layout for you to ensure that you have the right type of light in the right places. Our goal is always to create the best lit space we can, while saving our customer as much money as possible. Many times there are rebates available for renovation and new construction that get overlooked , but we guarantee to get you the maximum rebate you are eligible for.

Want to try DIY? If you’re looking to tackle a lighting project largely on your own, we can be a great teammate. Most of the time our DIY customers are trying to save money and we can help with that. Getting just a little bit of help from LED Indy will help make the project cost effective and ensure that the end result is what you’d imagined.

Project Examples

We install interior and exterior LED lighting in office and retail locations of all sizes

While our focus is serving the state of Indiana and its contiguous states, we have also worked to find LED solutions for buildings located as far away as Arizona.