Lakeshore Apartments

Full LED Conversion Project


Lakeshore was a two phase lighting retrofit. We redid the outside with over 190 wall packs, 50 garage lights, retrofitted 40 streetlights and replaced all floods and area lights. The conversion resulted in a 3 year ROI based on utility savings. Phase two was all common area and over door lighting. Because the existing fixtures has CFL pins, there would be no energy savings with a conventional LED conversion, so LED Indy designed a light harvesting, bug free fixture for the ceiling lighting and a motion sensored wall sconce. The resulting conversion made this a three-year ROI based on energy savings, that would have had no energy savings if it had been done without the new fixtures, We replaces 2400 fixtures in the common areas.

Project Details.


February 2021


8210 Lakeshore Trail E Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46250