Colts Practice Facility

High Bay LED Conversion Project


At the professional level every detail matters, and so the Colts hired LED Indy to help make their practice facility more like what the players would experience during gametime. Huge sixteen tube fluorescent fixtures were replaced with new LED High bays and added controls to allow their facilities staff to control the light output over time. As a part of the process, our LED Indy team created a detailed photometric rendering of the new lighting levels to give this well known customer confidence in the results of the upgrade before a single light was replaced. In order to fulfill our promise to help customers capture the most money possible in rebates and incentives, we helped submit a customized rebate application based on the overall project scope and savings, and not just as a 1 for 1 replacement.

Project Details.


February 2021


7001 W 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254