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As the “Capital of East Central Indiana” and the home of Ball State University, we have plenty to do in Muncie, Indiana. The city is big enough to have a great downtown scene. Yet there’s also a true community focus with all of our parks, the Cardinal Greenway, and the diversity of the Cornerstone Center for the Arts. Plus, we attract people from all over with the Muncie Children’s Museum.

Along with all of these great venues, we also have a vibrant collection of small businesses and other commercial sites. And of course—some outstanding school systems.

The energy bills required to keep all of these facilities up and running certainly adds up throughout the year, though. That’s why so many property managers, school corporations, and business owners have been eager to cut costs. The key to protecting their operations budget is to find more energy-efficient solutions. Often, the most obvious choice is to go with an LED lighting upgrade.

Muncie LED Lighting Solutions

Commercial LEDs can make a big impact on the energy bills for all types of industries and organizations throughout Muncie. For example, you might decide to go with an LED lighting solution for your retail location. Or you could streamline your multifamily properties by installing the same bulbs in each unit. It definitely speeds up the maintenance process. Then you can adding new LEDs to your parking lots too.

It’s also important to note that lighting can play a huge role for our mood and productivity. That’s one of the reasons why schools and workplaces decide to improve their sites with energy-efficient LEDs. There are even ways to customize the colors of the lights. The technology really just keeps getting better and better.

Some of the latest developments for LED lights are the UV disinfection systems. These are great solutions for sites with high traffic throughout the day, such as healthcare facilities, schools, and municipal buildings. The powerful UV lights can disinfect all of the surfaces in a room just with the flip of a switch. It’s true “green” cleaning because it’s chemical-clean and low hassle.

Interior & Exterior Commercial LED Lights

The different LED lighting projects around Muncie include both exterior and interior setups. So you can really get savings across your entire property. So consider cost-effective, bright commercial LEDs to light up any landscaping. It’s not only about the rooms indoors. Taking care of any parking lots, athletic fields, and every entrance to your building makes a big difference.

Industrial facilities can get massive savings by making the switch. Replacing a series of outdated high bays with industrial LED lights doesn’t only deliver immediate and long-term savings for energy bills. They can also boost employee safety and often lead to some substantial rebates!

Want to Learn More About LED Indy?

Our team serves clients all throughout Central Indiana, and our company is unique because we only focus on LED lights. Nothing else. That’s why we’ve been able to identify the best possible products for the money. More importantly, we know how to create solutions that make sense for both the short- and long-term on any type of site.

We’re your commercial LED lighting experts, and we’re proud to have our project managers and technicians team up with you from start to finish. From the design work to the actual installation, you’ll always have professionals from LED Indy on the job. Not sub-contractors.

All of our projects kick off with a FREE Energy Savings Report. That way, you’ll know how much money you can expect to save right out of the gate once your new, energy-efficient LEDs are installed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule your site visit with a member of our team. We’re always happy to connect with our neighbors in Muncie!

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