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A building’s energy bills are usually the more expensive. But you have to keep things up and running! All too often, though, the price of keeping the lights on can get overlooked. For that, efficiency is key. Saving money on those monthly expenses with LED lighting has a great ROI. The solution helps protect your facility’s operational budget for both the short- and long-term.

LED bulbs last longer, which means you don’t have to spend time replacing them. Plus, you can get cost-saving benefits around the clock with your interior lights during the day and exterior LED lighting at night. The bulbs don’t require as much energy to run, and they’re powerful and bright. That’s why more sites all over Greenwood are making the switch to LED lighting.

Greenwood LED Lighting Solutions

Our expertise at LED Indy includes custom LED lighting designs, as well as the actual project installation. Other companies and contractors around Greenwood don’t specialize in this niche. But our trained technicians only work with LEDs. That’s what truly sets us apart. We have experience with all types of industries and buildings in the greater Indianapolis area. And we offer solutions for both interior and exterior LED lighting!

Retail and Office Buildings

Commercial LED lighting helps retail products look more attractive to your shoppers. That’s true for gift shops, clothing store dressing rooms, grocery store produce, and more. Plenty of studies have also shown that high-quality lighting improves our level of focus and mood throughout the day. Add that with the cost-benefits, and upgrading to an LED layout is definitely a good call.

School Systems and Athletic Centers

We’ve all had at least one time when we had to walk through a dim and dreary hallway. It’s never a good feeling. Schools need to set the right tone as soon as the students walk through the doors . So much time is spent in the classroom, and it’s important for everyone to feel comfortable in their learning environment. Switching to LEDs can make a big difference. They’re also great for indoor gyms and outdoor athletic fields. The energy savings for these larger spaces can be really dramatic. Scheduling an energy report would let you analyze the cost difference for your facility in more detail.

Multi-Family Properties

Staying consistent with every apartment unit’s lightbulbs streamlines the maintenance process. You also want your tenants to feel safe while walking in the parking lot and up to their front door. Bright LEDs are more cost-effective than older types of parking lot lights. There’s also the added bonus of being able to show off your property’s landscaping. Paying attention to your site’s exterior lighting makes a significant difference for your curb appeal. It can even help lower vacancies too.

Industrial LED Lighting

Getting energy-efficient high bays don’t just protect your bottom-line. They also offer your employees a safer place to work. You know it’s important to stay compliant with the OSHA requirements. Along the way, it doesn’t hurt to save some money. Most operational managers find that the LEDs lights recoup their investment in just 2 or 3 years.

UV Disinfection Systems

These solutions are relatively new, but they’re quickly catching on. UV disinfection systems clean rooms with the power of light. No harsh chemicals. No need for anyone to wipe down chairs and counters. UV cleaning solutions are great for healthcare facilities, classrooms, and just about any other site that sees a lot of public traffic.

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Greenwood business owners and community leaders choose to work with us because we can take your project from start to finish. Whether it’s upgrading the lights at a large warehouse facility or installing new LED lights for your local small business, we can help.

We’re proud to be the LED lighting company Greenwood trusts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your FREE Energy Report. Then our team will run the numbers. Let us compare your current energy costs with the savings you could get with LEDs. It’s the best way to determine how to move forward.

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