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The Greensburg community is known for being safe, clean, and welcoming to all. We also have the great nickname “Tree City.” And as the half-way point between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, Greensburg has a unique blend of the rural town experience with big-city action.

We’ve been enjoying a lot of growth in recent years. Part of that progress is related to how the city is adopting a more “green” attitude. Cutting back our energy usage and collecting new savings on energy bills can help everyone in the community thrive! Making the simple switch to LED lighting is always a great move—and LED Indy can help.

Greensburg LED Lighting Solutions

Because LED lights are so energy-efficient, it’s easy to start getting massive savings on your energy bills. You’ll see them on your statements as soon as the new LED lighting installation is complete. Even better, the benefits will continue every month for years and years to come.

And since there’s such a wide variety of commercial LED lighting fixtures, they can work for any type of property around Greensburg. From large industrial sites, multi-family properties, and schools, all the way down to a single doctor’s office or retail location, commercial LEDs can work for anyone.

Upgrading your lighting is truly the “lowest hanging fruit” in terms of a facility upgrade. Just run the numbers with a FREE Energy Report. Then you’ll have a better idea of the return on your investment you can expect to receive.

Interior LED Lighting Solutions

Office and Retail Buildings – Proper lighting levels aren’t just great for showing off your products. They also help improve our moods throughout the day. Going with LEDs also means you’ll get a custom solution. Each fixture can be installed to really maximize those benefits—and provide ongoing energy savings!

School Systems – Once again, good lighting is crucial for helping us feel more calm, and even more focused. Not only that, using LED lights in Greensburg schools also means you can adjust the color and brightness of your lights. This is a great feature for children with special needs because then you can modify any classroom to suit different situations throughout the day. The lights aren’t just better for the students, though. They’re also a fantastic tool for teachers and staff too.

Multi-Family Properties – When all of your units’ lighting fixtures are the same across the board, you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of maintenance headaches. Keep everything consistent with a one-stop-shop lighting portfolio. With LED Indy, you’ll have a single-point contact and will know exactly who to call when it’s time to order your replacement bulbs. We’ll have everything organized in your client file, so you won’t need to go hunting for what you need.

LED Exterior Lighting

Curb Appeal with Commercial LEDs – Light up all of your property’s landscaping and keep your entryways brightly lit so they’re truly inviting.

How Exterior LEDs Promote Safety – No one wants to walk through a dark parking lot. Well-lit crosswalks and passageways also help reduce vandalism. It’s a smart way to limit your slip and fall liability too.

Lighting Up the Athletic Fields – Both community sports playing fields in Greensburg and school systems can collect huge savings with modern, energy-efficient LED lights.

Partner with LED Indy for Your Commercial Lighting Solutions

We’re the LED lighting experts for communities all throughout the state of Indiana. And with us, no project is too big or too small. If you’re ready to make your Greensburg property brighter, safer, and just look better all around—we can help!

The LED Indy team works solely with LED lights. We know these products inside and out, and that’s why we’ve been able to partner with the best commercial LED lighting manufacturers in the business. Moreover, we can take your project from start to finish.

From the initial design work to the entire installation, we’ve got a streamlined system to keep everything on-track. You’ll have a single point-person to help manage the project too.

Let’s discover what LEDs can do for your property! Send us a message to get a site visit on the calendar. We’re always happy to connect with new clients in Greensburg, Indiana!

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