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A commercial LED lighting company.

Fort Wayne is the hub of northeast Indiana—and for good reason! It’s the second-largest city in the state, and the cost of living is truly affordable. Plus, there are plenty of attractions and green acreage to explore. It’s a savvy move for any homeowner or business. Much like switching to LED lights!

Benefits of Fort Wayne LED Lighting Solutions

Almost any industry can benefit from LED lighting. Whether you own commercial property, are in charge of building maintenance, or the one reviewing the annual operations budget, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of LED lights.

Our sole mission at LED Indy is focused on these lighting solutions. Frankly, we don’t touch any other types of lights because we know that LEDs are the best. It’s that simple.

We help leaders across all types of organizations save money. And our team keeps things easy because we both design LED layouts and handle the installation. You get a streamlined process from start to finish. Even better, LEDs offer perks for the short-term, as well as the long-term!

1. Instant Energy Savings

Probably the biggest benefit of LEDs is that you’re going to lower your energy bill right away. Then you can start putting that money elsewhere. Starting with our FREE Energy Report will help give you a better idea of what to expect after your LED lights are installed. It’s always neat to see how the savings tally up year over year.

2. Better Day-to-Day Environment

Studies continue to show that proper lighting levels indoors can boost our mood and improve focus. Naturally, LEDs can make any space more comfortable.

School systems switch to LED lights for their classrooms and athletic centers. Retailers can use LED lighting to show off their merchandise. And office environments go with LEDs to avoid that “dull and drab” feeling too.

3. Quickly Recoup Your Investment

Since your energy savings are automatic, the upfront investment for LED lights ends up being a reliable move for protecting your long-term budget. That money can add up quickly each and every month.

In fact, a lot of our clients are able to recoup their investment in just two or three years. In terms of facility upgrades, that ROI is basically unheard of.

4. Brighter Means Safer

A space that’s well-lit makes it easier to pay attention and stay safe while working on tough tasks. So industrial sites can always benefit from LED lights.

Then you have commercial shopping centers and multifamily properties. No one wants to walk through a dark parking lot. You also want your building entrances to be inviting and bright. It’s just better for business. Moreover, creating a safer property helps ensure your tenants will continue to renew their leases.

5. Streamlines Your Operation

Because LED lights are so efficient, you don’t have to spend as much time swapping out bulbs. Once you’ve got them, they’re basically worry-free. You also won’t need to keep track of different types of bulbs when all of your property’s lighting solutions are consistent.

Why Partner with LED Indy?

Everything we do is centered on LED lighting solutions, and we know these products inside and out. Not only that, we also help our clients navigate the LED rebate process. These steps can easily get overlooked. But our experience will keep you on track to save as much money as possible—throughout the entire project.

If you’re ready to learn more, please send us a message. Then we’ll find a time to come out and review your site. You’ll also get a FREE Energy Savings report from us that will outline what LEDs could do for lowering your operations costs. We look forward to connecting!

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