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The opportunities available to commercial investors and business owners abound in Elkhart, Indiana abound! We also have vibrant school systems and multifamily properties. And all of these types of sites can benefit from interior and exterior LED lighting systems.

Good light levels and having reliable lighting solutions are crucial for any property. But there’s no denying that running the numbers for your budget is often the biggest motivator to move forward. Let’s help you get all the facts about commercial LED lights.

Making the Switch to LED Lights

Old lightbulbs can be a major drain on your bottom line. But once your new LEDs are installed, you’ll start to get an immediate ROI. Making the upgrades will deliver ongoing savings month-to-month because you’re creating a more energy-efficient building. Plus, plenty of organizations are able to collect some great cash rebates from their local energy company—just by switching to an LED lighting system!

Lower your operation costs and protect your budget. Switching to LED lighting could be the best facility investment you’ll ever make.

Property managers, business owners, and school corporations all turn to commercial LED lights when they want to get permanent, long-term savings. When you’re in charge of the facility budget, it’s always smart to address your energy bills first.

Commercial LED Solutions for Elkhart, Indiana

Whether you need to brighten up your building’s parking lots and exterior or you want to finally get those energy cost savings for your lighting systems inside—LED lights are the way to go.

The technology for LEDs has progressed significantly in recent years. There are also plenty of lighting levels and options to choose from, which makes these solutions perfect for all types of commercial applications

School Systems

When budgets are tight, review your energy costs. You might decide to upgrade one building, or multiple at a time. Either way, you’re sure to lower your energy bills when you have a streamlined LED lighting system in place. It’s all about designing solutions that will make the most sense for improving your current layout.

At LED Indy, we work on school building LED projects both indoors and outside. That includes installing LED light bulbs to enhance the learning environment classrooms, as well as improving the visibility and safety requirements for your parking lots, school entryways, and athletic fields

Commercial Properties

Retail locations, office spaces, healthcare facilities, and just about every other commercial site can get a fresh look and a fantastic ROI by switching to LEDs.

The quality of light you have indoors makes a huge difference for how employees and guests feel throughout the day. An LED lighting solution can help you make the right impression every day, morning or night. Along the way, you can also save a good chunk of money on your energy bills year over year.

Industrial LED Lighting

Warehouse floors and production facilities need bright LED lights to keep their safety standards high. Whether you’re based in Elkhart, Indiana or a neighboring city or township, please know that LED Indy can help.

Our experienced team designs efficient and cost-effective LED solutions for industrial sites around the state. Just let us know what you need!

Your Trusted Partner for LED Lighting Projects

If you’re ready to start the conversation about switching to a better, energy-efficient lighting solution, LED Indy can help! We consult with all types of industries and professionals in the Elkhart area. And our company’s sole focus is on commercial LED lights. That means we have the expertise you can count on to make the best possible improvements for your property.

When it comes to commercial LED lights, let LED Indy be your one-stop shop.

Our team can take your project from start to finish. All the way from the initial design to the LED installation and wrap-up.

Moreover, we approach every job with honest, custom assessments. It all starts with a FREE Energy Report. Schedule a time for us to come out to your site. Then we’ll be able to review your existing lighting layout and can begin to analyze the financial benefits of switching to LEDs!

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