Anderson LED Lighting Solutions

A commercial LED lighting company.

Organizations and property managers all across Anderson, Indiana can start to see immediate results when they upgrade to LEDs. The lights last longer, look better, and can lower your costs every day of the year. They’re truly the smartest facility option to consider when you’re wanting to get a fantastic ROI.

Anderson LED Lighting Solutions

If you’ve been on the fence about LED lights, it’s time to dive a little deeper. They’re more affordable than ever. And there are solutions for every type of application. No matter your industry, LED Indy can help you identify the best setup.

Office / Retail

Interior lighting makes all the difference when it comes to displaying your products. LED lighting is also a critical part of boosting people’s mood. Then add on the energy savings. You’ll probably wonder when you didn’t upgrade sooner.

Industrial LED Lights

Larger properties in Anderson save big when they make the switch to LEDs. Your warehouses need to be well-lit to keep your employees safe and efficient on the job.

And with truly energy-efficient high bays, you can dramatically reduce your operations costs for a better bottom line. Your bills will be lower right away, as well as year over year.

Multi-Family Properties

Streamline your operations by installing the same types of LED lights in every unit. Then take things outside. Exterior LED lights help keep your parking lots safe and can make your landscaping look better than ever. It’s a smart way to attract new tenants and lower your vacancy rates.

Anderson School Systems

Athletic centers and classrooms can get great benefits with LEDs too. They’re brighter for your gymnasiums and aquatic centers, parking lots, and outdoor fields.

Plus, new LED solutions also help create a more productive learning environment. We even have options for customizing your lighting levels and the colors to make your classrooms more comfortable for students and staff.

UV Disinfection Solutions

One of the best and latest developments with LED lights are the UV disinfection solutions. In recent years, the focus on public health has never been stronger. Fortunately, UV lights are a great way to help keep your facility clean—without the harsh chemicals.

It’s simple. These types of LED lights work to sanitize rooms just with the power of light. And there are plenty of options to suit any type of room. They run on their own and destroy 99.9% of germs. We’re proud to partner with the Axenic-UV product line, and would be happy to come tour your site to find the best solution!

LED Rebates for Anderson, Indiana

Our team’s experience can help you maximize your savings with LED lights. By making the switch, you could get an even better ROI through your local energy company’s rebate program.

Our team’s experience can help you maximize your savings with LED lights. By making the switch, you could get an even better ROI through your local energy company’s rebate program.

Once your project is complete, we can provide you with a comprehensive report on what exactly got installed. This helps make your rebate process even easier. Don’t worry about spending the time counting all of those lights. We’ll give you the numbers and help walk you through submitting your project summary.

It all starts with a FREE Energy Report. Invite us out to your site so we can start running the numbers. Just sent us a message. Then we’ll get you on the schedule!

LED Indy works with clients all throughout the state of Indiana, and even projects out-of-state. Let’s get your Anderson property some long-term savings.

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