Unlike Other Lighting, LEDs Come in all Colors.

From bright white, dimmer yellow, to pretty much anything you can think of, you can purchase LED lights that produce that color. The light-emitting semiconductor material determines the color of the LED, so the number of colors is infinite. One advantage of this is that LED lights give off high-levels of brightness and intensity, which is great for your homes or businesses. 

How LEDs Produce Different Colors

The amount of energy released from a LED light determines the color of the light produced. The lights produce various colors by using different materials that produce photons at different wavelengths. When red, green, and blue lights are combined in one single LED light, millions of different colors can be produced. When all three of these colors are produced equally, white light is produced. The larger the number of colors mixed plays a role is how wide of a range is the spectrum of different colors being produced. 

Determining a Color Based on your Location

Different from Incandescent lights, which usually only give out a yellowish color, LED lights emit a wide range of colors. The most popular LED lights come in warm white, natural white, and cool white. Most customers think each white would be the same, but each color of white can completely change the way each bulb is seen in your home or business. The location of the light in your home determines which level of color you would want. For instance, each lighting brings out different color and detail in the room. Most corporate offices and residential rooms use cool lighting. Rooms with wood floors and furniture typically should use natural lighting and rooms with lots of white look best with midrange natural lighting. There are so many options to choose from when thinking about the color of LED lights to use. It is your role, as the consumer, to see which level of color is right for you. 

When Considering LED Lights

Having a light that comes in all colors is just one minor advantage of switching to LED lights. LEDs are very versatile which means you can find a place for them in any setting. They generate high lumen output, ensuring brightness of white and color light. If you are interested in learning more about our LED lights, call us at 317-759-4LED or visit our website at ledindy.com. Also, take a look at the Kelvin Scale when looking at different lights. This is a scale that measures the light color or color temperature.