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Converting from T5 Fluorescent to LED

If you look up, you will find T5 fluorescent tubes and T5 High bays in thousands of warehouses, logistics centers, and manufacturing plants throughout...

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LED’s for New Construction

More and more contractors and building owners are finding it beneficial to work with a lighting specialist for their new construction LED supply and d...

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Undeniable Efficiency of LEDs

Peter McArdle Efficient Efficiency is a business buzzword that might be overused, but that’s because everyone is talking about it, and business owne...

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How Long Do LEDs last?

LEDs are incredibly efficient light sources, that use minimal amounts of energy to produce large amounts of light. How do they fare over their lifetim...

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Consumer Benefits of Long Lasting LEDs

LEDs are a long-lasting product, only having to be replaced every 5-10 years. Because of this, there are many benefits to end users. Here is a brief o...