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Whether indoors or outside, LED lights are the energy-efficient lighting solution for all types of commercial Shelbyville buildings. Bright lights in every room and bright lights in the parking lot at night make a big difference. So looking into LED upgrades makes a lot of sense—especially when your utility bills only keep climbing. That’s why industrial facility directors, multifamily property managers, school boards, and other leaders all across the country have been embracing LED lighting.


Shelbyville LED Lighting—Efficient and Bright!

Our team at LED Indy is proud to design and install commercial LED lighting systems throughout Central Indiana, and including Shelbyville. Clients always seem to appreciate our attention to detail. We start with a site evaluation to get a good sense of your property. Then we work with you to run the numbers and answer your questions. It’s important to get the facts and make sure that moving forward with LED will actually be worth it for you in the long run.

We call this our Free Energy Analysis. You need to verify that your lower energy bills are going to recoup your investment quickly and improve the overall functionality of your site. Time and time again, LED lights deliver.


LED Indy Projects and Clients

Making the switch to LED can come with more than just cost savings too. You also have safety issues to consider. Not to mention better efficiency without the hassle of replacing lightbulbs as often. How much time are you and your team wasting on swapping out light bulbs? For property managers with hundreds of apartment units, large school systems, or manufacturing facilities with hard-to-reach overhead lighting setups—those jobs really add up.

Another reason people choose to go with commercial LED lighting is because they have smart sensor options, as well as plenty of other ways to customize their setups. Schools love having the flexibility to alter the color tone and warmth of their overhead lighting. (Studies have actually shown an improvement with focus and mood.) Sensors for gyms or warehouse floors are also great for energy savings. Because why light up a space when no one’s actually using it?

What’s more, LED lights are going in a new direction with UVC disinfectant solutions. Again, these types of systems can offer huge savings for school systems. Most of the UVC lights for cleaning are automatic. Your staff members don’t have to spend as much time disinfecting rooms. Plus, UVC cleaning is truly “green.” They’re also extremely convenient for healthcare providers and public settings. Doctor offices and different public settings can have their UVC lights to turn on and off, as needed. The sensors can read the room occupancy, and then you get a clean space without the chemical cleaning!

Ready to Save Money with LED Lights?

When it’s the right decision to go with LED lights, sites in Shelbyville are able to get a handful of benefits. And that’s not limited to the energy savings. There are all sorts of ways that LED lights can improve your facility’s costs, safety ratings, and even outdoor landscaping efforts.

Our team works with you all the way from the design stage to installation. Even better—we solely work on LED lighting projects. Nothing else. We know these products better than anyone else and around. We can help you find the best quality, and we’ll even work with you to make sure you get all of the rebates you’re owed! If you’re ready to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.