Rebates & ROI

LED lighting has become such a norm, that we’ve seen business overlook the ROI and Rebates of their LED upgrade, particularly for new construction. Having LED Indy provide new lighting might be the best investment you make this year. Some projects will pay for themselves within the first 6-12 months!

The decision to go green with LED Indy becomes even more financially advantageous when the energy company is willing to help you pay for it. In most instances, you will make a full return on your investment within the first few years. The longer the lights are on, the quicker you’ll see your return on investment. Other variables include the amount you pay per unit of electricity, the rebates offered by your provider, and the extent to which your old lights where inefficient. There are lighting products that use a lot more energy than LED lights, and lighting products that use A LOT more energy than LEDs.

We take a custom approach to your investment and are able to structure payment in a variety of ways. We make this upgrade a possibility for anyone looking to save money; improve their lighting; and get rid of their flickering, buzzing fixtures. Our experience calculating ROI and Rebates is beneficial to our customers, we often find ways to provide funding where others may have missed.

For qualifying projects, LED INDY offers ‘Lighting As A Service’, which requires no up front expense, and allows customers to fund their project through a shared savings term, during which LED INDY installs and maintains their newly implemented system. This allows customers to experience the benefits of improved lighting, while operating within their current operating budget.


Going Green Never Looked Better!