More and more contractors and building owners are finding it beneficial to work with a lighting specialist for their new construction LED supply and design. An LED lighting company like LED Indy can be helpful during the process of designing lighting layouts because they have experience installing and replacing a wide variety of lights so they can recommend fixture types and locations that they know will make for easy ongoing maintenance. LED lights last a long time, but they will need to be changed eventually, and thinking forward to how that happens will make building owners and occupants much happier when that time comes. They can also provide expert knowledge to create the most efficient design when it comes to lighting placement. 

Companies like LED Indy, who have access to a vast network of lighting manufacturers can often help reduce construction costs by either creating the lighting package for you, or by value engineering plans from your architect to find lights with as good or better performance, warranties, and aesthetics, but maybe not as high of a price tag. We believe that quality is important when it comes to lighting, and there many manufacturers who meet that standard. There are others that do not, and we know them, too, so we can help you avoid future problems! Our experts will formulate a full lighting layout (based on city requirements and measures) to help you find the right lighting fixtures and implement an efficient plan for your new design or construction projects.

Labor Warranty

Something that architects, general contractors, and electricians who do new construction work have not experienced much is a lighting provider who will not only warranty their products, but also the labor for future replacement. Because LED Indy has a robust installation and project management department, we have the expertise to help you select lights, supply them to you, and replace them if they fail. It is a huge benefit for contractors and building owners to know that 100% of the maintenance expense for their lighting system is covered for the next five to ten years. That’s not something that many offer, and can make a big difference.  

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