LEDs are easily disposable – Better For Environment

LEDs are easily disposable, unlike fluorescent or mercury vapor lights, LEDs use no mercury in their production, meaning no special care needs to be taken when disposing of LEDs.

The average American household uses 50-100 light bulbs each year. When each household is disposing of their used bulbs, it starts to quickly add up in the landfills. Having an easily disposable product is not only beneficial for the customer and company, but also the earth. Businesses must use materials that will not damage the world if we want our planet to be sustainable. Whether you are looking to buy new lights or just curious about LEDS, buying a light that contains no damaging chemicals can help to not release hazardous chemicals that could potentially leak into our waters. 


Process of Disposing LED Lights vs. Other Lights

Since LED lights contain no mercury, you do not have to take any extra steps to dispose of them. You can just dispose of your LED lights with the rest of your household trash or at a normal recycling bin. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, have to be taken to a hazardous waste disposal facility. They contain hazardous chemicals like mercury that if leaked, could cause damage to humans and the earth. 


Extra Costs

Having to recycle fluorescent bulbs and other not LED lights is not free. The average cost of recycling a 4 ft. fluorescent light can be about $.50-.75/lamp. So, if your household is using the average number of lights per year, that is an extra $50 that is spent. Using LED lights would save you and your family the extra cost of recycling fluorescent lights, and it would save you the time and hassle of having to go to a specific landfill to recycling your bulbs. On the other hand, LED lights do not need to go into a specific landfill. They can just be recycled with all of your other recyclable goods. 


Saving Time

With all of the things that people have to do every day, no person wants to have to go and recycle their used lights. There are more important things that we could be doing with our time, like spending time with loved ones or resting. When deciding on purchasing LED lights vs. fluorescent or mercury lights, think of your future. There are numerous advantages of switching to LED lights that benefit your personal life and the earth that you live on. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of LED lights, visit ledindy.com. We value your time and we want to save you money.  



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