How Long Do LEDs last?

LEDs are incredibly efficient light sources, that use minimal amounts of energy to produce large amounts of light. How do they fare over their lifetime of use?  What financial benefits do LEDs have over their useful life?


LEDs are an incredibly long-lasting product with many LEDs lasting up to 100,000 working hours. That is over 20 years worth of useful life depending on daily usage. This is roughly 20-25 times longer lasting than LED alternatives. LEDs can last as long as they do because of the components are much different than what you’d find in an older style bulb or tube.


A new LED fixture may come with a higher initial cost than replacing the bulb on an existing lamp, but over the lifetime of the LED, users will see an incredible return on investment (ROI). In the state of Indiana, a commercial property with 100 lighting fixtures could save roughly $32,000 over a ten-year period using LEDs and a full ROI within the first three years. Savings include eliminated maintenance costs and electrical savings. What’s not calculated are the productivity and well being improvements that come with a better quality light. By improving attentiveness, and eliminating the headaches and distractions that result from the flickering, buzzing, and color degradation of fluorescent tubes, a worker productivity boost of only 2% may produce an ROI of under 1 year by itself, without even considering the energy savings.


Many LEDs also include warranties with their purchase, giving the buyer some peace of mind during the early years of using their product. Here at LED Indy, we provided 5-year and 10-year warranties on our products. There are also third-party warranties available that can extend the warranty to greater than ten years at varying costs for even more peace of mind. When you purchase an LED, it’s important to learn exactly what the warranty you’re getting actually means. Are you getting a complete replacement, or a pro-rated credit based on how long the light was operational? Do you have to pay to ship and return the failed device? Does your warranty cover any labor costs to change install the new LED fixture? These are all good questions to ask when deciding with LED fixture is the right one for you or your property.

LEDs are a long-lasting and durable product that provides excellent quality and cost-effective lighting over their useful life. If you have any questions or would like to see the benefit of LEDs for yourself, please give us a call at (317)-759-4533 or send us an email at

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