Multi-Family Investment Firm Experiences Incredible Savings Converting Property to LED

Chestnut Ridge is a 400 unit “B” level community in Louisville, KY.  The ownership group came to LED Indy with two goals: to give the community a face lift, upgrading the overall appearance, and also to reduce their energy usage as much as possible. Since one of the biggest variables to LED savings is the amount of time the lights are one, we first targeted the interior common areas to find the best fit LED solution. We installed LED canopy replacements in their breezeways and new LED fixtures to replace the 4’ fluorescent lights and hanging lanterns in their hallways. (Side Note: When we took down the 4’ fixtures there were 4 holes in the ceiling for each fixture. We fixed these holes at no expense to the customer, but now give warning if we see fixtures like this.) Exterior lighting also runs over 4,000 hours per year, so LED replacements for their wall packs were another big piece of this project. Other areas that we converted included laundry rooms, the pool area, restrooms, and lighting in the club house.

The installation of this project was completed in one week, and the energy savings alone will bring a full return on investment in the first three years. With maintenance savings included, the realistic ROI will hit well before the three year mark.