The LED upgrades earned the company over $25,000 in rebates from IPL

fitness led lightsMahomed Sales and Warehousing, LLC (MSW) is an automotive supply chain integrator that operates in a 150,000 square foot facility in the northwest corridor of Indianapolis. Having a well-lit warehouse and manufacturing space plays an important role in delivering the quality goods that they promise to customers. With the help of LED Indy, they were able to improve the lighting in those areas, while also significantly reducing the energy usage and maintenance needs.

Over 200 new LED High Bays were installed at MSW in June of 2018, along with another 200+ fixtures throughout the offices and the rest of the facility. LED Indy was able to reduce the energy usage for the lighting system by over 50%, which has created a monthly savings of over $3000.

By helping MSW capture the lighting rebates available through the Indianapolis Power & Light Business Energy Incentive Program, LED Indy was able to reduce the net cost to MSW by just under $26,000. By June 2020, the energy and maintenance savings on this project will have fully paid for the 528 fixtures that were upgraded as part of the project.